About us

The majority of our field engineering is associated with preventive maintenance and calibration verification for laboratories who need to maintain the maximum amount of "up time" and assure accurate analyses.  We also support clients with "right now" urgent service repairs when needed.  We strive to truly "partner" with our clients and maintain our relationship with the routine contact and open communications that true partners need.  Our current clients own spectrometers manufactured by Baird, Spectro, ARL, WAS, Oxford, and Angstrom.

Optical Emission Training

Whether the probem is employee turnover or simply the need to refresh and upgrade the current level of operator training, we offer customized formal training seminars that provide great value.

Depot Repairs and Overhaul

Our two facilities are relatively small, approximately 2200 sq ft total, but we are equipped to service or overhaul 

  • Alcatel 2004, 2008, 2010, and 2012 vacuum pumps
  • Spectro, Baird, and Polycon mobile spectrometers
  • Spectro, Baird, and ARL laboratory spectrometers
  • SpectrOil M and JR oil analysis spectrometers


Over 30 years experience instructing spectrometer operation and maintenance in most industrialized countries gives us a unique ability to present training materials in an easily understandable fashion.  Each seminar is prepared from standardized material plus customized materials which focus on our clients individual needs.


Our consulting activities have grown over recent years to become a major component of our business.  Most of our activity in this business activity in recent years has been assisting clients formalize documents and gain NADCAP accreditation, acting as a "silent partner" in selecting new replacement OES spectrometers, and creating QA methods for gaining better control of processes.

In addition, we are a certified Microsoft Developer, Sun Microsystems Developer, and assist clients with customized laboratory software and networking.